Ralf Schnorr

Senior Associate


Ralf Schnorr is a very well-proven Communications Expert, Mediator and Coach. He has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with the people dimension in companies during times of change and conflict. He has worked across all industry sectors in a broad set of challenging situations and transformations. He is also teaching other professionals in the field of communications.  



Ralf has an excellent track record in the management of communications. He has a deep understanding and practical experience of group dynamics, team development and the resolution of conflicts. Based on his leadership coaching background he is an excellent facilitator when it comes to making difficult choices.



Ralf developed his enthusiasm for team processes as a Premier League sports coach. He complemented his leadership experience in sports with insights into the corporate world during his long years as a consultant across industry sectors. His list of certifications in the domain is to long to quote here, but his excellent background results in his teaching activities for other professionals in the field, for example in the European Business Academy.