how we work

We provide personal consulting support and thought partnership for leaders who want to create the context for their organizations to succeed long term. Namely we can help you in the following three areas:

Helping senior Technology Leaders make conscious choices

If you have to make important choices, you certainly want to make them as informed as possible. Independent thought partners can contribute substantially in this phase by adding their own perspective and asking the right questions. At the same time, the people around you will often care a lot about the process you used to come to a decision. The way you make choices has a lot to do with to the likelihood of actually implementing them later.  

Our senior advisory approach

The troisval approach is to act as trusted advisor for senior leaders by combining executive coaching expertise with our own experience and insights. As successful managers, we know what our clients are confronted with. We offer leaders the support and space they need to make more conscious decisions professionally and personally. And we are bringing our own viewpoints to the table, namely in the field of digital business and change management, resulting in a creative thought partnership. To learn more please contact us.

Helping create sustainable change

There is wide agreement on the importance of the human dimension during times of change, but very little help for leaders to actually deal with it. Using available best practice certainly helps. Professional program management is a readily available tool. Consultants can be hired to analyze stakeholders, plan communication measures etc. But despite all those efforts, many major transformations fail due to issues with the “human factor”. We argue that leaders cannot delegate the most essential tasks during major changes: Leaders will be better positioned to see the change through, after going through a process which reinforces and communicates their own, authentic change leadership (See also viewpoints).

Approach for delivering and maintaining change

The troisval approach to improve the chances of major changes to succeed is to start with obtaining and providing honest feedback about the situation of the organization and the role of its leaders. The ecosystem of existing commitments and assumptions is mapped out with the people who have the highest impact on the desired change. Based on such a dialogue, an integrated approach is developed which helps you to lead through the change in your own way, whilst helping the organization to let go of the past, build trust and connect to the true purpose of the change. To learn more please contact us.

Helping to grow the IT Business Partnership

Partnering effectively with the business has been an issue since years for IT organisations, however, it becomes even more critical in the light of new digital opportunities and the increasing commoditisation of standard IT services. Developing the necessary business partnering capabilites will be one of the key success factors for many IT organisation moving forward. 

Our Business Partnership development approach

The troisval development approach is a highly efficient way to challenge and support IT Business Partners and enable them to apply new skills immediately as well as sustain their ongoing development as business IT leaders. To learn more please read our "viewpoint 06: Building Impactful IT Business Relationships" or contact us.

Our thought partnership

If you would like to discuss our viewpoints or use them as inspirational input for your team, please get in touch.


Response-ability is the source of power and integrity, the power to influence your situation and the integrity to do so in alignment with your values.

Fred Kofman, Axialent, Conscious Business